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Item Sets

Baldrics - Images of all of the Level Baldrics as well as the Special Colored Baldrics.

Colors, Special - Various colors of Wizard Caps, Boots, and Belts.

Cursed - Various images of cursed items.

Finvarra - Images of the *official* Fin Gear as well as some of the "dyed" fin items.

Gems - Images of gemstones.

Glowies - Images of various Glowy items.

GM Items - Items from GM's and GM Events.

GOD Items - Items from the GOD Set.

Holiday - Holiday Items (Christmas, Easter, Halloween)

Miscellaneous - Items that we couldn't really categorize elsewhere.

New - New game items (sorted by dates added).

Mysts, The - Items which can be found off of Myst creatures.

Pouches - Various Pouches.

Quests - Items which have been found via past and presant quests.
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