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Style Update

[justify]I've taken and updated the style on the [highlight][/highlight] domain with my changes to the domain over the last couple of weeks. Those who're accessing this site through RJ can now see the new text formatting that I was so giddy about yesterday ;)...[/justify]

[align:justify]I have also added a "Justify" alignment to go with the others (which was added to both stylesheets today) and is being tested in this news post ;).[/align]

Additionally, I've been poking around online at various formatting tags (especially their CSS counterparts) and I've made even more code updates (mainly to the way lists work), as you can see from the other news posting (below) that I've added some new list tags so that i can define how different lists work.

Eventually the BBCode tags will make it into the articles system, which will allow for large amounts of formatting for the articles, without having to allow (potentially dangerous) html or php code to be stored in the database (which is what I've been trying to avoid having to allow since inception of this site).
Posted By Gremelin Posted on December 3rd, 2006


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