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News and RSS Updates

I've made a pretty large update to the news and rss systems today, this change allows me to utilize formatting in the news postings; these are as follows:

    [*]Blinking Text[/*][*:square]Bolding[/*][*:bullet]Italicizing[/*][*]Strikethrough[/*][*:square]Underline[/*][*:bullet][w]Weak Text[/w][/*][*]Listing[/*]

I've also added support for lists to be displayed; although I have to publish them all on one line, it'll display to the user (you) as intended due to the proper coding inserted in the system.

I also did some tweaking on the url and email tags and finally have them working (go figure, I simply had to move one tag up in the order they where processed).

I also did some adding to the alignment properties so, if the need arises, i can:
[left]Left Align Text[/left]
Center Align Text

[right]Right Align Text[/right]

The formatting updates won't really be of much consequence to any RSS readers, unless they support my CSS encoding (you can find the formatting block in the stylesheet fairly easily).

[quser]Wizzeh[/quser]I've also been working on a basic system for quoting users

This doens't really mean too much to the casual user; I just wanted everyone to know that I'm still here and I'm still making updates hehe...

I've also gone ahead and added the RSS links to the header file, if you're using a superior browser like Firefox you should see the rss icon lit up when browsing the site. I've added all of our feeds to the header so you should receive a complete list.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on December 2nd, 2006


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