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Bulletin Board (Forum)

We've had several requests over the last months to have a web forum on the site. At first I was opposed to the idea due to the popularity of the official Realm Online forums, but with the recent "improvements" on their site, I've decided to at least test catering to this request.

Our new forum is available on the left sidebar via the "Forum" link; it is running UBB.Threads 7.0.2 (formerly NG was running UBB.Threads 6.0 which was very, very old). I've done much work with Groupee (formerly Infopop) over the years on both their UBB.Threads and UBB.Classic products, so there wasn't really any guess that they're who I'd choose ;).

We'll see how popular the forum is in the coming months, I've gotten the ok from our host for more resources for the site so it won't be any hassle to run it ;).

Feel free to email me any sugguestions, or make sugguestions in the feedback forum on the bulletin board.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on November 27th, 2006


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