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Payment Needed Notice on Sacred Temple

Users on the Sacred Temple server (free/3rd party) as of Sunday April 9th will be receiving a notice of "This account can not be played until it is paid for. Please visit to pay for this account." when they attempt to login. Basically, all accounts are locked until you message "God" with your login name on the Discord chat server.

The reason for this is included on the Discord announcements:
Hercules - Today at 10:21 AM
@everyone We saw suspicious activity from RDragon and had to take action to reboot the server to prevent disasters
@everyone Account creation is currently disabled.

Hercules - Today at 12:59 PM
@everyone Website has been brought down until further notice.

Hercules - Today at 1:42 PM
@everyone Server is currently down.

Hercules - Today at 2:57 PM

Hercules - Today at 5:18 PM
@everyone Server is slowly coming up, and there was a rollback of roughly 1.5-2 days.

Hercules - Today at 7:08 PM
@everyone Accounts have to be manually unlocked by a dev, either God or Gimli. Both are veryyyy busy dealing with both the sever and real world stuff. Patience guys, and apologies.(edited)
@everyone Message @God With your login to get account unlocked. he is quite busy so do not expect it to be unlocked right away. He will get to it when he can. Thank you, God.(edited)
@everyone KC/BLuDLuST/RockWall had 1.4billion gold stashed on a mule account. If you want someone to blame for downtime...

April 11, 2017 (Discord notice)
@everyone We had free/unlimited sign-ups until a couple of people ruined it for everyone. Cheaters messed up the server last weekend forcing @God to shut down the server for a day to not only rollback the server but also close down account sign-ups. All accounts made prior to last weekend still exist, but are 'unpaid' meaning you cannot log in. New accounts are created also 'unpaid'. If you have just created a new account, please go to the #goatlist and ask for vouches. Each NEW account required 3 vouches, 1 from a different person in order for @God to unlock the account. If your account is OLDER than last weekend, message @God the LOGIN and he will get to unlocking it eventually. He is a very busy person who is doing all of this for free, and still has to deal with his real life. if you have any questions, refer to #general and thank you for playing :alt1:

Posted By Gremelin Posted on April 9th, 2017


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