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How can I make emotes? · Hold down your "Alt" button and press numbers 1-9, 0, -, G, I, J. Emotes will display as shown below (hover over emote to display the associated key combination to generate the emote (within game only). Emotes:
I put this ring on and can't get it off? · Cast remove curse on your self or get someone else to. (Thaumaturgy spell).
How do I turn off Gossip? · Simply type: /nogossip
How do I change Gossip channels? · Simply type: /join [channel number]
Where do the NPC's live? · You can locate NPC's on our Shop List.
What items effect the "secondary" color on my hat? · There are several: Backpack, Shield, Weapon, Pants, etc.
What is an NPC? · NPC refers to a "Non Playable Character" as in a player you cannot become. Examples are gatekeepers, shop keepers, and creatures you can fight.
What is the alignment scale for? · Your alignment effects how some creatures react and attack you. Good creatures for example won't jump a good user, same with evil creatures to evil users. However if you're "good" then evil creatures will attack/curse you. If you're "evil" then good
How do I change my Alignment? · If you are on the "good" side of the alignment scale and wish to become evil, kill good creatures. If you're on the "evil" side of the alignment chart and wish to become "good" kill evil creatures.
What is the alignment range? · You can find our alignment chart here.
Is this Monster evil or good? · You can find our alignment chart here.
Where do I get spell books? · You can find a shop list for skill books here.
Where do I get skill books? · You can find a shop list for skill books here.
How many levels are there for each skill? · There are five levels for each skill, they are: Familiar, Proficient, Expert, Master, and Grand Master.
When do I get my next build point? · Each new level (10k experience) you receive one build point.
How much experience do I need to get the next · Your character's level increases for every 10k (10000) experience earned.
What baldric comes next? · You are awarded a new baldric for the following levels: 3, 7, 15, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, and 1000.
Do you belong to a guild? · Yes, in fact, I belong to Keepers of Realm where I am the guild Chanting Master; I also assist with guild Events and Activities (both for within the guild and for anyone who would like to play :)).
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