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Crafting Guide · This article is currently not available.
Getting Started · This article is currently not available.
Chanting Guide · Enchanting Basics Enchanting uses two basic spells: Permanency (500 mana) which affects the item, and Enchantment (1000 mana) which affects the character. When you are enchanting items, casting Permanency on a weapon you'd cast the following: Fire -
Myn's Diary · As the first rays of sunlight gleamed off the wet rooftops on yet another crisp fresh morning, a songbird began his dawn chorus. Alive with the moment that he engaged, his song could be heard through out the town. To me this day was to be the start o
The Ghost of Lady Murias · It was a chill and moonless night. A great storm had blown in off Loch Murk, a storm so large and furious that it quickly swept across all of the Realm; from Usk through Winter World, and all the way through the forests. It was even threatening the t
The Dark Angel Awakens · A calm wind passed through the temple of the damned. Harsh screams of the dead spirits filled the halls. Since the invasion had begun, the goddess was ever so diligent judging the souls of warriors whom had the unfortunate fate of crossing paths with
Thieving of the Temple of Elphame · At last the sun had set in the lands of the Diaspora. The sun took a long time to set here, for it had nowhere in particular to go. Since the rest of the land had been covered in the Mists, the sun could not eagerly watch the little creatures (who th
Diary of a Wanderer · Found By Golrin 1st Entry Entering the Mist I've finally done it; I found a way into the mist. I can only hope that this path stays open long enough for me to elude those creatures and to find help for Drune. There is no going back now anyway 2nd Ent
Just in Fun · My sister (a barbarian) and I (a cunning thief) were sitting at the Gnarled Leg (both seeking some relief). A long and bloody battle we had recently won, so we kicked back and chugged an ale, anticipating fun. Suddenly a cloud of smoke from near the
The Letter · No one in the town was allowed to speak her name many of the children never even learned what it was. The girl was a princess, though few of the villagers knew it. She lived with her father the king, her brother who was heir to the throne, and her co
How to take a Screen Shot (in Paint Shop Pro) · 1. Hold down ALT key and press the Print Screen key. (If you just click Print Screen you get a screen shot of your whole screen, whereas "ALT" will give you just the current window). 2. Click Start button (bottom left corner of your windows screen) 3
Pouches Guide · There appear to be five functional, and twelve non-functional pouches to collect, nine of which can be quested for. Functional pouches are noted as such below; all others are non-functional. Functional pouches all weigh 1.0 stones, and have the same
Movement Rate · Formulas for computing movement rate, given strength, dexterity, and encumberment. In these formulas, Strength and Dexterity enhancements do count. Enchanted armor can add about 11-14 points each to strength and dexterity, and will have a significant
Grand Master Meditation Chart · Intel, Normal, With Extend 1, 1, 1 2, 2, 3 3, 2, 3 4, 2, 3 5, 3, 4 6, 3, 4 7, 3, 4 8, 4, 6 9, 4, 6 10, 4, 6 11, 4, 6 12, 5, 7 13, 5, 7 14, 5, 7 15, 5, 7 16, 5, 7 17, 6, 9 18, 6, 9 19, 6, 9 20, 6, 9 21, 7, 10 22, 7, 10 23, 7, 10 24, 7, 10 25, 7, 10 26
Magical Helms · Mythril Helmets Helmet of the Khan - HoK The Helmet of the Khan is the magical version of the Uplander. Greaves control secondary headress color on both. Drops as "Uplander Helm" until Identified with identify spell. Store: 32500. Bonuses: Extra Atta
Intelligence vs Stun · Intel. Raw SDM GM Med. SDM Rounds of Hold/Extended ------ ----------- ---------------- ----------------------------- --------------------- 233% 39 162 237 38 156 231 37 150 225 36 144 219 35 138 2
Intel vs Shift · The chart at the end of this information lists shift durations only for toons with Grand Master Meditation Skill, for simplicity. The effect of SDM on most spells changes at 12 intelligence; above 12 the effect does not increase with more intelligenc
Intel vs Greater Invisibility · The chart at the end of this MMail lists spell durations only for toons with Grand Master Meditation Skill, for simplicity. The effect of SDM on most spells changes at 12 intelligence; above 12 the effect does not increase with more intelligence as f
Types of Horned Helms · It appears that there are three types of Viking-style horned helms. The engraving when unidentified is "Mythril Helmet" on all three. All three weigh 2.5 stones. More details follow the introduction. ---------Introduction--------- The earliest is the
How to properly empty a container. · Only when the last item is removed is there risk of destroying the box or egg. This is almost a convenience with common boxes and eggs, but can be considered a disaster when dealing with GM Gift Boxes or GM Eggs. The method detailed below seems to co
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